what we offer

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General Procurement (Foreign & Local)

Environmental Assessment/Studies (EIA, EER,  EAR, PIA).

Tank Cleaning/Calibration Services.

Pressure Testing/Leak Detection Services.

Lifting Equipment Inspection and Certification.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Supply of AGO, Hydraulic and Other Marine Spirits.

Vessels Chartering and Offshore Support Services.


Distributorship Overview.

Filtters: Filter Bags, Filter Bag Housing , Filter Cartridge & Cartridge Housings.

I&C:  Timers, temperature and process control products and sensors for industry.

Strainers, Filters & Valves: Stainless steel and aluminum filters, an array of ASTM-g175 tested oxygen filters,  custom filters & elements, wide variety of coalescing filters, strainers and valves ranging up to 48”.

Actuators: Electric and pneumatic actuators (single phase electric actuators, rack and pinion double actuators  as well as special surface treated actuators used in an extremely hard environmental conditions.

Gas Analysers: Gas Analysers based on flame ionisation detectors (FID) for Hydrocarbons (THC, TOC, VOC, NMHC), chemiluminescence detectors (CLD) for NOx, paramagnetism for oxygen, and a range of non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR) technologies, gas analysers based on zirconia or electrochemical sensor technology.

Laboratory & Medical Equipment


Xintochem Height Limited believes that good HSE performance is an integral part of efficient and profitable business management. We will therefore be guided by the following principles:

HSE is of equal importance as other business activities.
No activity shall be carried out unless considered safe.
Safeguard the health and safety of all employees, contractors and third parties.
Strive to minimise the impact of activities on the environment.
Strive to enhance security of life and equipment
In the implementation of this policy Xintochem Height Limited will observe the following:
All staff will undergo induction training on their first day of work. This will be enhanced and reinforced through daily toolbox meetings.
All equipment to be deployed on the contract shall be subjected to pre-mobilization process and certification.
All technical personnel on the contract shall be certified to possess appropriate professional competence.
All key operations shall be subjected to hazard analysis and appropriate controls shall be implemented during execution.
Plans and procedures shall be in place to respond to any emergency or loss of control.
Scheduled Audits, inspections, drills for emergency preparedness and other programs as a continuous machinery for identifying hazards, unsafe acts and conditions at the work place shall be carried out
Rewards and sanctions scheme will be introduced to ensure compliance with safety and health rules, regulations and safe work practices.


It is the policy of Xintochem Height Limited to achieve sustained profitable growth by providing products and services that consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers and also meet specified quality requirements in accordance with contractual code and regulatory requirements.
The quality assurance personnel performing activities affecting quality shall have sufficient authority, access to work areas and organizational freedom to prevent and identify quality problems. They shall also initiate, recommend and provide solutions to quality problems through designated channels and verify implementation of solutions.
Xintochem quality  system is driven  by top management and as such, the Managing Director has the overall responsibility to implement the quality assurance system and other personnel shall be responsible for performing activities.

The authority to verify the implementation of the Quality Assurance related to fieldwork is delegated to the Quality Manager.

The Quality Manager is responsible for assuring that the requirements established in this policy are completely adhered to.

He is also responsible for reporting the implementation status directly to the Managing Director.


In support of the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Act, which was signed into law one the 22nd April 2010, we are committed to maximizing in a sustainable manner the use of Nigerian human resources, materials, equipment and services in our operations without compromising the company’s values, quality, health, and safety and environment standards.

In order to contribute to the development of Nigeria’s industrial capabilities and competencies and supporting the nation’s economy, we shall seek to maximize the participation of Nigerian businesses and local contractors in our operations in compliance with the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Development Act, 2010. Reason- able measures shall be undertaken at all times to meet requisite Nigerian Content levels.

As an oil and gas service provider, we shall implement government policies/approved Nigerian Content Plan without compromising the intent of achieving the best overall value for the Project in terms of price, quality, efficiency, delivery and operating parameters. We will also strive to maintain the close rapport we have built with the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board.